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North Adelaide, South Adelaide, East Adelaide, West Adelaide We have you covered!

Skip Bins From $99 to 7 Cubic Meter Skip Bins

Accepting General Household Waste, Green Waste, White Goods, Furnitures and Construction Waste
Sutiable for Shed Cleanouts, Office Cleanouts, Deceased Estates, Tree Pruning and DIY Projects
Skip Bin Hire for Concrete, Bricks, Floor Tiles, Plastic, Cardboard, Junk, Renovations and More!

All kinds of options to suit your needs. Mini skips to mega skips. Light Household Waste, Green Only Waste, Concrete / Masonry Waste, Scrap Metal or Building Construction Waste

skip bin pricing adelaide

Skip Bin Prices

Skip Bins Starting from as little as $180 - Pricing varys on the size and waste needed to remove

skip bin sizes adelaide

Skip Bin Sizes

2 Cubic meters up to 7 cubic meter skip bins. Mini skips, Large Skips, Mega skip bins

waste types adelaide

Waste Types

Not all waste goes into the same dump. Selecting the right waste type will save you money

4 cubic meter skip bin in port adelaide

Adelaide Skip Bins are perfect for getting rid of junk from around your home and garage.

We'll even make sure it's gone for good—we recycle 95% of what we pick up!

Get more room and less clutter, call us today

 Spring cleaning, Deceased Estates, Moving House, Garden Pruning, getting rid of your Shed Junk.

We can help with a Skip Hire
Best Price Skip Bins Hire in Adelide. Hire A Skip Bin For Your House Cleanup.

 When people think skip bin hire in Adelaide, they contact Adelaide Skip Bins.  
You need a reliable
local Adelaide skip bin company.

Just imagine a clean household not having junk tripping hazzards laying around and hoarding boxes of potential fire hazzards this summer. Create a clean space for a new year.

Same day delivery before 11am:

We can deliver a skip bin to your property on the same day you book it, so you can keep the momentum of the job flowing. 

Affordable prices:

We offer some of the most competitive skip bin hire prices in Adelaide.

Friendly and professional service:

Our team is always happy to help you choose the right skip bin for your needs and to answer any questions you may have. 

Adelaide Skip Bins specializes in efficent waste management. We offer top-quality skip bin hire in Adel at competitive prices. Our services include same-day delivery and timley pick-up and collections with transperant pricing.

Whether it's for residential or commercial use, we ensure quick and reliable waste disposal. Our experienced team have been serving and earning trust with prompt, hassle-free service with no fluff. Choose us for the best skip bins in Adelaide.
Contact us today for efficient waste management solutions

port adelaide skip bin hire

 Certain waste categories are strictly prohibited from being deposited into skip bins, while others may influence the pricing structure of skip bin hire. Referencing the guidelines outlined in the table below can help you save money.

general house hold waste

General Household

green only waste

Green Only

building construction waste

Building & Demo 

concrete waste

Bricks & Concrete

clean fill waste

Clean Fill

unclean fill waste

Unclean Earth

Skip bin online bookings made before 11am will generally have same day delivery. Skip bin bookings made after 11am can not be guarented for delivery same day and will be added to the next mornings run.

Max Weight Limits General and Green Waste
2m3 - 400kg | 3m3 - 500kg | 4m3 - 600kg | 6m3 - 800kg

Max Weight Limits Building Waste 

2m3 - 600kg | 3m3 - 700kg | 4m3 - 800kg | 6m3 - 1000kg

*10% allowable aggregate mix*

Max Weight Limits Masonary / Clean / Unclean Fill
2m3 - 1500kg | 3m3 - 1800kg 

4 and 6 Cubic Meter Masonry and Dirt bins will be delivered in multiples of 2 / 3 Cubic meter bins.

No asbestos, paint, liquids, flammable, toxic, perscutable, food, oils, pressurised, tyre waste

Adelaide Skip Bin Size Guide

Still unsure what skip bin size you need? 
Click Here for more information

The following items are acceptable for disposal in our skip bins:
white goods, timber, metal, clothing, toys, general household waste,
electrical appliances, green waste, bricks, pavers, concrete, soil, dirt, sand,
lawn, earth, plastic, and more
The following items are NOT acceptable for disposal in our skip bins:
food, liquids, paint, contaminants, toxic waste, asbestos, chemicals, oils, flammables, explosives,
animal or human waste, soiled nappies, or putrescible waste.

Skip bins in Adelaide are crucial for various groups, aiding in effective waste management and environmental conservation.

Homeowners use Adelaide Skip Bins for decluttering, renovations, and moving house, ensuring a tidy neighborhood during DIY projects.

Tradespeople depend on skip bins at work sites to manage scrap, simplify recycling, keeping OHWS at bay while maintaing a safe work environment.

Construction workers and contractors benefit from the wide range of bin sizes, utalising multiple skip bins  facilitating waste segregation and compliance with building regulations.

Businesses and industries utilize long term hire skip bins for efficient, affordable rubbish management.

Event organizers find Adelaide Skip Bins ideal for managing large-scale waste and organic debris. A centralised short term disposal point make short work of clean ups at the end of an event. 

Community clean-up drives use skip bins in Adelaide for centralized waste drop off points, where everyone lends a hand.

Skip Bin Hire Adelaide, versatile waste solutions for maintaining cleanliness and promoting responsible waste disposal in Adelaide.

skip bin hire in adelaide for commercial waste

Keep your options open, give us a chance. You won't be dissapointed. From the first contact, the laughs along the way, to waving goodbye to your driver and your trash. Choose the company doing things the right way. If you're unsure of anything on our website, call us on 0421888292 or email the office in Wingfield for a no-obligation free quote on waste removal and skip bin hire in Adelaide.

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If you've been looking for a local skip bin hire, look no further. We're from Port Adelaide.

Adelaide Skip Bins are your local waste management company servicing the entire Adelaide region covering Port Adelaide and Enfield, City Of Charles Sturt and City Of Salisbury Councils

From North Haven, Exeter, Peterhead to Henley Beach, West Lakes, West Beach and Glenelg, Ingle Farm, Lightsview, Windsor Gardens and Golden Grove, Edwardstown, Mile End, Therbaton to Mawson Lakes, Para Hills, Salisbury and Elizabeth and inclusive suburbs.

With affordable skip bin hire from Adelaide Skip Bins. You are supporting a family-owned and operated local business that reinvests in local communnitys, focuses on customer service each and every time.


Need it quick? We offer fast delivery. Want it longer? No problem, just ask.  

Port Adelaide, Semaphore, Tennyson, Grange, Henley Beach, we won't say no to a beach run.

We also now offer After Pay.

Afterpay Available Here
delivery area adelaide

Adelaide Skip Bins are your one-stop shop for skip bin hire in Adelaide. We offer a wide range of skip bins including 2 cubic meter, 3 cubic meter, 4 cubic meter and 6 cubic meter skip bins to suit your needs, from mini skip bins for small jobs to large skip bins for general household rubbish.

We're open to contract work with construction companys and builders with great rates for on-going skip bins in Adelaide.

We also offer same day skip bin hire if you get in before 11am, so you can get the skip bin you need when you right away.

2 cubic meter skip bin under car port
FAQ section
  • What size skip bin should I choose for my waste disposal needs?
    Choosing the right skip bin in Adelaide depends on your specific needs. Our range includes various sizes and types, suitable for everything from household clean-ups to construction debris. To help you determine the appropriate size, we have created a Skip Bin Size Guide that you can check on our website. This guide provides detailed information on the amount of waste that each bin can hold, helping you to make an informed decision. If you are still unsure, our friendly team is always available to provide advice and assist you in selecting the right skip bin for your needs.
  • What types of waste can I dispose of in Adelaide Skip Bins?
    At Adelaide Skip Bins, we offer skip bins for various waste types, including general household waste, mixed rubbish for building projects, and specific materials like green waste, unclean soil, clean soil, or construction debris. Our bins help you sort and recycle effectively, contributing to a cleaner environment. Please note that hazardous waste items such as asbestos, chemicals, and batteries cannot be disposed of in our bins. If you have any questions regarding the types of waste that can be disposed of, please contact us for further information.
  • How do I book a skip bin hire with Adelaide Skip Bins
    Booking a skip bin hire with Adelaide Skip Bins is easy. You can either call us or book online through our website. Here's how: 1. Visit our website at and click on the "Book Now" button. 2. Choose the size of the skip bin you require. We have a range of sizes available to suit any job, from small renovations to large construction sites. 3. Select the date and time you require the skip bin. We offer flexible delivery and pickup times to suit your schedule. 4. Enter your contact and payment details to secure your booking. 5. Once your booking is confirmed, we will deliver the skip bin to your location at the scheduled time. If you have any questions or need help with your booking, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team is always happy to assist you.
  • What Can and Can't Go in Adelaide Skip Bins?
    At Adelaide Skip Bins, we make sure to dispose of all waste materials in an environmentally friendly manner. However, there are certain items that we cannot accept in our skip bins due to legal and safety reasons. The following items cannot be placed in Adelaide Skip Bins: - Asbestos - Chemicals and hazardous materials - Food waste - Medical waste - Batteries - Gas bottles Items that are allowed in Adelaide Skip Bins include: - General household waste - Construction and demolition waste - Green waste and garden waste - Bricks, concrete, and tiles - Furniture and appliances Please note that additional charges may apply for certain items, such as mattresses and tyres. If you have any questions about what can and cannot be placed in our skip bins, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.
  • Tips for Effectively Packing Your Skip Bin in Adelaide
    Tips for Effectively Packing Your Skip Bin in Adelaide: 1. Sort your waste: Before you start packing your skip bin, sort your waste into different categories such as green waste, recyclable materials, and general waste. This will make it easier to dispose of the waste and recycle materials separately. 2. Compact your waste: To maximize the space in your skip bin, compact your waste by breaking down large items and crushing boxes. This will help you fit more waste into the skip bin and save you money on additional bin hires. 3. Place heavy items at the bottom: When loading your skip bin, place heavy items such as furniture and appliances at the bottom to distribute the weight evenly. This will prevent the skip bin from tipping over and causing damage to your property. 4. Fill the skip bin evenly: To ensure safe transportation of your skip bin, make sure to fill it evenly. Avoid overloading one side of the bin, as this could cause the bin to tip over during transportation. 5. Do not overfill the skip bin: Overfilling your skip bin is dangerous and illegal, and could result in additional charges. Make sure to fill the skip bin to the fill line and not exceed the weight limit. By following these tips, you can effectively pack your skip bin and ensure safe and efficient waste removal in Adelaide.
  • Rental Duration for Skip Bins in Adelaide
    We offer flexible rental durations for our Adelaide skip bins, catering to both short-term and long-term needs. Whether for residential or commercial use, choose the period that best suits your project.
  • Can I place e-waste in the skip?
    E-waste requires special disposal methods and should not be placed in skip bins. Contact us for guidance on e-waste disposal in Adelaide
  • What time will my skip bin be delivered?
    We schedule skip bin deliveries in Adelaide to suit your convenience. Contact us to arrange a specific delivery time. Generally between 8am - 12pm
  • What are the weight limits on skip bins?
    Each skip bin size has a specific weight limit. Contact us to choose the right bin for your waste type in Adelaide. 2 cubic meter skip bin weight limit - 300kg 3 cubic meter skip bin weight limit - 400kg 4 cubic meter skip bin weight limit - 500kg This applys for general house hold and green only waste. Weight limits are increased for all our other skip bin hires.
  • What happens if I overfill the bin?
    Overfilling a skip bin poses safety risks and may incur additional charges. Please fill only to the indicated level.
  • What charges are there if I go over my included weights?
    Exceeding the weight limit results in extra charges. Contact us for detailed information on weight limits and fees. Overweight charges are $35 / 100kg
  • What size skips do Adelaide Skip Bins offer?
    We offer a range of skip bin sizes to suit various waste removal needs in Adelaide, from small to large projects. 2 cubic meter / 3 cubic meter / 4 cubic meter
  • How do I know what size I will need?
    Consider the volume of your waste. Contact us for advice on the appropriate skip bin size for your project. Visit our Skip Bin Sizes page HERE:
  • How do I order a skip bin?
    Ordering is simple. Visit our website, select your bin size and schedule, or call us for personalized assistance.
  • Can I use your Skips for food waste?
    Our skip bins are suitable for various types of waste, excluding food waste. Contact us for specific guidelines.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    Yes, you can cancel your booking. We need 8 hours notice to recieve a full refund. If cancelled within 4 hours of delivery 75% of the amount will be refunded. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.
  • What should I remove first when decluttering?
    Start with large, bulky items and work your way to smaller ones.
  • Will you take car batteries?
    Car batteries require special disposal and should be placed last and on top of the skip bins. Contact us for disposal advice.
  • Can you put bags of cement in a skip?
    Yes, bags of cement can be placed in our skip bins. They must be set with water and not a powder.. Ensure they are securely bagged to prevent spillage.
  • Can broken bricks be recycled?
    Yes, broken bricks can often be recycled. Our skip bins in Adelaide can accommodate such materials for recycling. You must book a bin specifically for this waste.
  • What do you do with waste concrete?
    Waste concrete is often recycled. Book our concrete skip bins for efficient concrete waste disposal in Adelaide.
  • Can you put bricks in the general waste bin?
    Bricks should be placed in specific bins designed for heavy materials. If you have 2 or 3 bricks it's not a problem. but you can not put a brick wall into a general waste bin. Contact us for the right bin type in Adelaide.
  • What is the difference between general waste and hazardous waste?
    General waste includes household and office items, whereas hazardous waste includes materials that are toxic or harmful.
  • How much does a skip bin cost?
    Skip bin prices vary based on size and rental duration. Visit our website or contact us for specific pricing in Adelaide. We have bins starting from $99
  • How long can I keep a skip on my driveway?
    Rental duration varies. 1 day up to 7 days and more. Contact us to discuss flexible hire options for your needs in Adelaide.
  • Can you put old clothes in a skip?
    Yes, old clothes can be placed in our skip bins. Consider donating usable items first.
  • Which areas do we deliver to?
    We deliver skip bins across Adelaide and surrounding areas. Contact us to confirm delivery to your location.
  • Is there an extra charge for disposing of a mattress?
    Additional charges apply for mattresses due to special disposal requirements. They are $65 each. Contact us for details.
  • What do I do with my old TVs and computers?
    Old TVs and computers are classified as e-waste and require specific disposal methods. Bunnings has a free E waste disposal crate out the front.
  • Do you offer extended hire options for your skip bins?
    Yes, we offer extended hire options for our skip bins. We understand that every project is unique and some may require longer periods of time to complete. We offer flexible options to cater to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will work out a solution that suits you. We are committed to providing reliable, affordable and efficient waste management services to all our customers in Adelaide.

Still have questions?

Brandan. T - Grange

The team at Adelaide skip bins were very professional and careful getting the bin down my narrow driveway.

scrap metal recycling

Our commitment to recycling. We recycle 88% of everything we kart away. Somethings do slip, like a 10c can into a general waste pile from time to time. We're only human. Adelaide Skip Bins, we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability, and recycling is at the heart of our mission. We believe in responsible waste management that minimizes the impact on our land. That's why we have integrated recycling into every aspect of our services.

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