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Thank you for choosing Adelaide Skip Bins for your waste management needs. We want to ensure that you have a safe and seamless experience while using our service. By accepting this bin, you agree to adhere to the following terms of service:


Bins will not be left on council strips. Bins will need to be easily accessible via truck. 

Bins must only be filled up to the fill line on the outside of the bin, clearly labeled. Overfilled bins will incur charges and/or waste left on site.

The following items are NOT acceptable for disposal in our skip bins: food, liquids, paint, contaminants, toxic waste, asbestos, cement, masonry, dirt, concrete, brick, or pavers chemicals, oils, flammables, explosives, animal or human waste, soiled nappies, or putrescible waste.


The hirer is liable for any non-accepted items found in any of our bins as we screen every bin, with legal action promptly taken.


Light general waste is acceptable for disposal in our skip bins. General waste can contain most light household or commercial waste, general light waste contains anything but liquids, heavy, and hazardous materials. This may include green waste, grass clippings, bushes, shrubs, palms, cardboard, paper, timber (pine or similar), household items, furnishings, furniture, white-goods, clothes, toys, bikes, etc. But it should not include concrete, bricks, roof tiles, aggregates, sand, or soil. 


Mixed Builder Waste contains heavy materials like bricks, masonry, concrete, sand, soil, aggregates (rock), heavy timber or commercial waste. This may include green waste, grass clippings, bushes, shrubs, palms, cardboard, paper, timber (pine or similar), household items, furnishings, furniture, white-goods, clothes, toys, bikes, etc.
But it should not include liquids, heavy, and hazardous materials. (palm and tree trunks/stumps, railway sleepers, etc.). of which are not accepted in our Skip Bins.

Heavy tree trunks or coco's palm trunks are likely to cause weight limits to be exceeded and should not be included. Extra charges may apply.

Adelaide Skip Bins will not be held liable for any damage to your property by our bins while stored on hire, although we take the utmost care when delivering and picking up Skip Bins. Bins must not move from where they were placed. If they need to be moved, Adelaide Skip Bins will move them upon receiving a service fee. Deliberate damage to our bins can incur a replacement fee up to $5000.

You will be notified 24 hours prior to your bin being picked up. 


Failed delivery attempts will result in a $60 fee being added per failed delivery,

Failed pickup attempts will result in a $60 fee being added per failed pickup.

Failed attempts include and not limited to, vehicles blocking access, such as parked vehicles and neighboring vehicles, overhanging tree branches and cables, steep or unsafe terrain, narrow pathways or gates, and other obstacles that may obstruct the space required for the skip bin to be safely positioned on your property. Appropriate Council permits and signage must be provided by the hirer.


Overweight charges are $35 per 100kg. 

OverFill charges are $135/m3


Overfilled bins will either (depending on discretionary circumstances)  

1) Be billed directly to your saved credit card on file. 

2) Left on site, failed collection fee added, and other bins to be arranged, paid, and delivered.

3) Unloaded on site until the fill line has been reached.

Payment must be made in full prior to every delivery/exchange.

We hope that these terms of service provide you with the information you need to use our service safely and effectively. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in extra fees and/or cancellation of hire with no refunds.

As the customer, you shall be responsible for adhering to the following obligations:

  1. The equipment provided by the contractor is to be used solely for the storage and collection of non-hazardous waste materials.

  2. You shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safekeeping of the equipment at all times.

  3. You shall not make any alterations or improvements to the equipment without obtaining the prior written consent of the contractor.

  4. You shall not overload the equipment, nor use it for incineration purposes, and shall be liable to the contractor for any loss or damage that exceeds reasonable wear and tear.

  5. You warrant that the waste delivered to the contractor under this agreement shall not contain any hazardous or toxic materials as defined by applicable laws or regulations of the Commonwealth and States and Territories of Australia and that no free-flowing liquids or viscous materials shall be deposited into the equipment.

  6. The use of mechanical means to compact the contents placed in the equipment is prohibited unless the equipment is specifically supplied by the contractor for that purpose.

  7. All equipment furnished by the contractor for the use that you have not purchased shall remain the property of the contractor, and you shall have no right, title, or interest in the equipment.

  8. You shall compensate the contractor for any loss or damage caused to the contractor's equipment at the current market value of the equipment, as determined at the time of reporting the loss or damage. This does not apply to damage caused by the contractor's employees.

  9. You agree to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify the contractor against all claims, lawsuits, and any other liability or injury to persons or damage to property or the environment connected with or relating to the use of the equipment by you, or in the event of any breach of warranty by you, or the use or the means of other routes by the contractor as referred to in clause 16.

  10. On collection day, the contractor's vehicle shall have access to the equipment. If the equipment is blocked and collection is prohibited an "extra service" will be charged accordingly.

  • The customer shall be responsible for paying the contractor for the collection, disposal, and equipment lease rental services provided, as well as any associated additional charges, in accordance with the charges outlined in the agreement.

  • Payment must be made by the customer to the contractor before the equipment is delivered, the date of the invoice and time is of the essence. In the event that any payment is not made when due, the contractor reserves the right to terminate the agreement upon written notice via email or text message to the customer and to reclaim the equipment from the customer's premises.

  • The contractor reserves the right to adjust the rates used to calculate the charges at any time, upon notice to the customer.

  • The contractor and the customer agree that, in the event that equipment is provided by the contractor, the charges will be calculated based on three distinct and independent components: a charge for the lease rental of the equipment, and a charge for the rendering of services and a charge for any overweight / over filled / prohibited items in the skip bins.

  • The customer warrants that any access provided to the contractor's equipment and vehicles from the customer's equipment location to the nearest public road is adequate to support the weight of said equipment and vehicles and the contractor shall not be held liable for any damage to private pavements or sub-surfaces during service provision.

  • In the event of any conflicts or discrepancies between the terms of this agreement that are printed and those that are typed or written, the typed or written language shall govern.

Skip bin online bookings made before 11am will generally have same day delivery. Skip bin bookings made after 11am can not be guarented for delivery same day and will be added to the next mornings run.

Max Weight Limits General and Green Waste
2m3 - 400kg | 3m3 - 500kg | 4m3 - 600kg | 6m3 - 800kg

Max Weight Limits Building Waste 

2m3 - 600kg | 3m3 - 700kg | 4m3 - 800kg | 6m3 - 1000kg

*10% allowable aggregate mix*

Max Weight Limits Masonary / Clean / Unclean Fill
2m3 - 1500kg | 3m3 - 1800kg 

4 and 6 Cubic Meter Masonry and Dirt bins will be delivered in multiples of 2 / 3 Cubic meter bins.

No asbestos, paint, liquids, flammable, toxic, perscutable, food, oils, pressurised, tyre waste

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