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Skip Bin Sizes and Prices

3 Cubic Meter Skip Bin Adelaide

3 Cubic Meter Skip Bin


3 Cubic Meter Skip Bin

4x 6x4 Trailers
20x Council General Waste Bin


Up to 7 days hire included - additional days are invoiced at $10/day or $50/week

Light General Waste:

Metal waste (e.g. chicken wire, iron sheets must be left on top) Boxes, Timber, Furniture, Whitegoods, Fibreglass, Electrical appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaners, DVD players, lamps. Clothes, Toys, Green waste, Paint cans (if they are dry)Metal waste (e.g. chicken wire, iron sheets must be left on top), white goods, metal, clothing, toys, general household waste, electrical appliances, green waste, Home Furnishings, Wood Scraps, Scrap Metals, Synthetic Materials, Wearables, Children's Playthings, Small Rugs, Yard Debris, Shed Cleanouts , Deceased Cleanouts, White goods, Furniture, Plastics, Clothes, Toys

Max Weight 600kg

Forbidden Waste:
Bricks, Concrete, Concrete and ceramic tiles, Soil, Food waste, Asbestos, Liquid waste, Tyres, LPG cylinders, Batteries (car batterys to be left on top), paint, contaminants, toxic waste, asbestos, cement, masonry, dirt, concrete, brick or pavers, chemicals, oils, flammables, explosives, animal or human waste, soiled nappies, or putrescible waste.

Green Only Waste:
Grass, sticks / twigs, vegetation, bark, trees, leaves, Garden Maintenance Debris, Lawn Clippings, Herbaceous Plants, Foliage Refuse, Tree Bark, Arboreal Waste, Bushes and Hedgerows, Grass, Bushes and Shrubs, Barks and,, Wood Chips, Tree Trimmings

Max Weight 800kg

Forbidden Waste: Any waste that is not grown from the ground.

Building Construction Waste:
*max 10% of bin* Cement Debris, Masonry Blocks, Landscaping Stones, Gravel and Pebbles, Soil and Dirt, Fine Aggregates, Earthen Materials *max 10% of bin* Combined Heavy Waste, Carpet and lino, Everyday Refuse, Vegetation Remnants, Material Offcuts, Wood, Metal, Building Supplies, Plastic, Cardboard, Pallets, Construction Materials Blend, Brickwork Fragments, Cement and Concrete , Paving Materials, Tiles from Flooring & Roofing, Bricks , Pavers, Bathroom Tiles, Rocks , Aggregates , Flooring & Roofing Tiles.

Forbidden Waste: food, liquids, paint, contaminants, toxic waste, asbestos, chemicals, oils, flammables, explosives, animal or human waste, soiled nappies, or putrescible waste.

Max Weight 800kg

If you overload the skip bin it may result in a return visit & an addition fee of $75

​Do not over load the skip bin above the rim as it may result in losing items in transport causing injury or an accident and fines to be put into your name and address for payment.

​If you overload the skip bin you may be required to pay an extra fee of $35 per ton over the limit as documented in the above price list.

​Hire can be extended at an addition cost of $10 per day

The waste you have placed in the skip bin is your rubbish until payment in full is received. If payment not received, or credit card charge backs it will result in the waste being tipped out.

Light General Waste

General Waste Skip Bin Hire
  • Seasonal Home Cleanout

  • Appliances

  • Home Furnishings

  • Wood Scraps

  • Scrap Metals

  • Synthetic Materials

  • Wearables

  • Children's Playthings

  • Yard Debris

  • Electronic Devices

  • Shed Cleanouts 

  • Deceased Cleanouts

  • White goods

  • Furniture

  • Plastics

  • Clothes

  • Toys

  • Small Carpets

Green Only Waste

Green Waste Skip Bin Hire
  • Garden Maintenance Debris

  • Lawn Clippings

  • Herbaceous Plants

  • Foliage Refuse

  • Tree Bark

  • Arboreal Waste

  • Bushes and Hedgerows

  • Grass clippings

  • Bushes and Shrubs

  • Barks and Wood Chips

  • Tree Trimmings

Mixed Builder Waste

Mixed Waste Skip Bin Hire

*max 10% of bin*

  • Cement Debris

  • Masonry Blocks

  • Landscaping Stones

  • Gravel and Pebbles

  • Fine Aggregates

  • Earthen Materials

*max 10% of bin*

  • Combined Heavy Waste

  • Carpet and lino

  • Everyday Refuse

  • Material Offcuts

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Building Supplies

  • Plastic

  • Cardboard

  • Pallets

Masonary Waste

Concrete and Bricks Skip Bin Hire
  • Brickwork Fragments

  • Cement and Concrete 

  • Paving Materials

  • Tiles from Flooring & Roofing

  • Bricks 

  • Pavers

  • Bathroom Tiles

  • Rocks 

  • Aggregates 

  • Flooring & Roofing Tiles

Clean Dirt

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  • Excavation Debris

  • Earth and Soil Fill

  • Fine Gravel Aggregate

  • Sand Fill

  • Clean Dirt

  • Clean Soil