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6 Cubic Meter Skip Bin Hire Adelaide - Adelaide Skip Bin Hire

Updated: Feb 8

Are you considering a clean-up, renovation, or any project that will generate a substantial amount of waste in Adelaide? Choosing the right size skip bin is crucial for efficient waste management. In this post, we’ll explore the versatile applications of a 6 cubic meter skip bin, a popular choice among our Adelaide customers for both residential and commercial projects.

A 6 Cubic Meter Skip Bin Is Ideal for Medium-Sized Residential Projects: One of the most common uses for a 6 cubic meter skip bin is in residential settings. Whether you're decluttering your home, an unfortunate deseaced estate cleanout, renovating a medium-sized room, or trimming back your hedges and small trees in the garden and cleaning out your auntys horders house, a 6 cubic meter skip bin offers ample space without taking up too much room on your property. They only take up a large car space, compact enough for most driveways and front lawns.

6 cube skip bins are big enough to accommodate bulky items like old furniture, white goods like refridgerators and unwated BBQs. clean out your shed at the same time, mix in some garden waste, throw in all of your old pots and pans, dump in all your carboard thats laying around and you'll probably still ahve a bit of room to spare. How much does a 6 cubic meter skip bin hire cost in Adelaide ?

Pricing for 6 cubic meter skip bins vary on the waste type being discarded. General Household Waste Skip Bins are $470 inc GST. Green Only Waste Skip Bins are $350 in GST Builders / Mixed Waste Construction Skip Bins are $650 inc GST with a maximum allowable amount of 10% being aggregates, bricks, concrete, pavers, tiles sand and dirt. View the complete pricing page here - Skip Bin Price Adelaide

Commercial Uses - Office Cleanouts and Small Construction Sites:

For small businesses and retail outlets in Adelaide, shop fit outs, office refurbishments, old and out of date stock first and second fix carpentry too. Adelaide Skip Bins offer 6 cubic meter skip bins, perfect for office cleanouts or small-scale renovations. It's also a favorite for contractors working on minor construction or remodeling projects, where debris like timber, plasterboard, plastic and PVC pipes, pallets, fencing, packaging and metal scraps need efficient disposal. For the best, most cost effictive pricing a second aggregates only bin should be paired with a 6 cubic meter skip bin hire.

Event Waste Management:

Organizing an event in Adelaide? From community gatherings to larger family events, managing waste effectively is crucial. A 6 cubic meter skip bin can handle the volume of waste typically generated by these events, including food waste, packaging, and decorations.

Different Waste Types:

The 6 cube skip bin is a size with remarkably many use cases in the types of waste it can handle. From general household waste to construction debris, green waste, and even mixed heavy waste, it offers a practical solution for a variety of needs. Remember, certain waste types like hazardous materials are not permitted, so it’s essential to understand waste segregation rules in Adelaide.

Environmental Considerations: In line with Adelaide Skip Bins commitment to sustainability, using a skip bin of this size and abiding to the select waste types help to segregate and recycle 98% of rubbish. By choosing the right size, they say bigger is better ;) you minimize the environmental impact by avoiding underutilized space and multiple trips, burning un-needed diesel, wearing rubber out on the roads for disposal.

In summary, a 6 cubic meter skip bin from Adelaide Skip Bins is a top choice that strikes the perfect balance between capacity, cost and convenience. Whether for residential decluttering, commercial cleanouts, or event management in Adelaide, it provides an efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal solution. At Adelaide Skip Bins, we’re committed to helping you manage your waste responsibly while keeping our beautiful city clean.

Have more questions about skip bin hire in Adelaide? Need help choosing the right size for your project? Contact us today on 0421888292 or email We’re here to help with all your waste management needs!

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